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You can share your private text anonymously by pasting your private note into the sharing window and setting a password or creating a note without password.

You can share your private text anonymously with anyone you want. This is a great way to communicate without having to worry about revealing your identity.

You can use this service to share whatever you want, whether it's something personal or just a funny story.

Anonymity is important when sharing private text messages. The ability to share text anonymously can help protect your identity and keep your conversations private!

Share Private Text which will Self Destruct Once the link is opened

In todays Internet World Where Privacy is a Big Concern, there is a new way to send private text which will self destruct once the link is opened. This is a great way to ensure that your private conversations stay private!

In this digital world, we are always sending texts, emails and other messages which can be easily saved or screenshot by the recipient. So how can you make sure that your private messages are truly private?

Check out our tool which allows you to send text messages that will self-destruct after the link is opened!

Send Text Anonymously

We're going to be talking about how to send text anonymously. We'll go over what private text is and how to share it so that it self-destructs once the link is opened.

1-There are 2 options you can create a private note with Password or without Password,The Choice is Yours.

2-Simply write the the text you wish to Share.

3-Once Done Click the Create a Private Note Button ,You will see a Pop up of the link with the Private Text.

4- Now you can simply Share the link.

Create a Private Note with Password

If you want to share a private text with someone, but don't want it to be accessible after the link is opened, you can create a private note with a password.

This way, only those with the password can view the contents of the note. To do this, simply create a new note and set a password for it.

Once you've done that, share the link to the note with the person you want to view it. They'll need to enter the password in order to read the contents of the note.

Keep Your Privacy

It's important to keep your privacy, and with this new app, you can do just that! With Share Private Text, you can share text with anyone you want and be sure that it will self-destruct once the link is opened.

This means that your private thoughts and messages will always stay private, no matter who you share them with.So why not give it a try?

It's free to use, so there's nothing stopping you from keeping your privacy!

Share text online privately

If you're looking to share text online privately, the best way to do it is through a self-destructing link. This way, once the person you've shared the link with opens it, the text will be automatically deleted.

If you need to share something privately and don't want it sticking around forever.

Our tool allows you to share text with others which will self-destruct once the link is opened. This is a great way to share sensitive information without having to worry about it being leaked or shared without your permission.

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